Spring Meditation Retreat with Stephen Archer (Nyanaviro) and Lassara Hall


Start:  Saturday 5th  September (6pm)

End: Saturday 12th September (1pm)

Location: Te Moata Retreat Centre, 180 Paul Road, Tairua 3591 (View Map)


Spring Mindfulness Retreat

Mindfulness is an orientation to life though feeling-awareness of our natural state, moment by moment. It is developed through simple meditation practices which involve stilling the restless mind, relaxing the body and softening into the feeling of being. Mindfulness invites us to deepen self-awareness and liberate our attention to be more fully and joyfully in the present moment. The process of mindful awareness makes use of the inherent ability of our mind and body to re-balance and sustain well-being, and discover positive new insights and responses to the challenges of life.

This silent retreat will consist of group sessions along with free time for retreatants to move with their own rhythm. Daily sessions include instruction in the practice of mindfulness, sitting and walking mindfulness meditations and an enquiry period. This retreat is suitable for people who are new to the practice as well as those with previous experience of mindfulness

Lassara Hall will be available at Te Moata for 1:1 Shiatsu sessions throughout the retreat. See below for more info about Lassara.

For further information or to make a booking, please visit Te Moata's Website


Stephen Archer

A mindfulness educator, presenter, principle of Mindfulness Training and lead trainer and supervisor for Mindfulness Works the largest network of Mindfulness Facilitators in Australia and New Zealand. He is passionate about helping people to learn mindfulness and discover its benefit. Stephen is an engaging speaker and trainer providing practical and original perspectives on practicing mindfulness in the digital age.


Lassara Hall 

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art. Lasssara is a fully qualified member of the Shiatsu Practitioners Assoc. of Aotearoa and has studied in UK, Australia and NZ since 1989. She is based in Thames. Her Shiatsu practice is combined with her training as a Zen student, and her focus is to provide a massage therapy that promotes embodied awareness. Touch supports expansion beyond limiting beliefs, defensive emotions and physical tensions.

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