Spring Mindfulness Retreat

Date: 7th – 14th September 2024

About the Course

Mindfulness practice invites us to come into relationship with ourselves just as we are, with compassion and patience. It gives us the tools to regulate our body and mind so that we can feel more calm and at ease, and strengthens our capacity to face the challenges of life.

Being mindful allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions impact our health and quality of life. Often our attention follows restrictive and repetitive patterns, which cause us to focus more on the past or future than what is happening right now.

Mindfulness is an orientation to life through feeling-awareness of our natural state, moment by moment. It is developed through simple meditation practices that involve stilling the restless mind, relaxing the body, and softening into the feeling of being. Mindfulness invites us to deepen self-awareness and liberate our attention to be more fully and joyfully in the present moment. The process of mindful awareness makes use of the inherent ability of our mind and body to re-balance and sustain well-being and discover positive new insights and responses to the challenges of life.

The application of mindfulness-based interventions is supported by a growing empirical evidence base that is validating their benefits.

This silent retreat will consist of group sessions along with free time for retreatants to move with their own rhythm. Daily sessions include instruction in the practice of mindfulness, sitting and walking mindfulness meditations, and an inquiry period.

This retreat is suitable for people who are new to the practice as well as those with previous experience of mindfulness.

START AND FINISH TIME:  We start at 6pm on Saturday 7th September and finish at 12pm (after lunch) on Saturday 14th September

Please respect the process of this group retreat by arranging to begin and complete together. 

FEES: $770 Registrations in June will not be processed till mid July due to Admin being on leave.

The registration fee covers food and accommodation for the retreat. Please see our FAQ page for our cancellation policy.

The facilitator’s fee is not set and consists entirely of your Dana. As there is no Eftpos at Te Moata, Dana payments at the end of retreats need to be by cheque or cash, or made online. Details of accounts will be given at the end of the retreat.

Dana (meaning generosity) invites each individual to develop their own capacity to be generous according to their means. We invite you to also contribute Dana for Te Moata’s ongoing costs. Dana contributions can be given at the end of the retreat.

Rooms are mainly curtained cubicles with shared bathrooms. A limited number of single rooms/cabins/cottages are available at a surcharge – please see our FAQ page for surcharges and explanation how this works. Those booking early and paying in full will be in the queue for an accommodation upgrade. Bedding can be hired for $25.00 but is reserved for those flying to the retreat as we only have solar powered washing machines!

The kitchen team will provide delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals. Please indicate on the registration form if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs. Please ring us to discuss your allergies/intolerances if your needs are complex. There is a $10 per day surcharge to cater for special diets.

*Please note: Single Accommodation, Bedding, and Special Diet Surcharges are payable directly to Te Moata so please pay online once your requests have been confirmed with you, ( we will contact you prior to the retreat starting).

For further information please contact retreat@temoata.org

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