The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand strongly endorses mindfulness as a useful way to improve positive mental health and resilience. We recommend Stephen Archer as an experienced mindfulness practitioner.

Hugh Norriss, Director of Policy & Development, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand


Stephen isn’t reading off a script about abstract concepts. He is in the real world and has had a wide range of experiences in the real world that are of huge value. Based purely on the feedback I have received, the work I have done with him has been the most effective leadership development I have done in the last two years. His work will provide insights into how to be a grounded, centred and authentic leader.

Jeff Trevella, Senior Leader, Public Service


It has been a wonderful experience having Stephen Archer offer mindfulness training in our workplace. It has provided a very beneficial space for people to learn how to relax and renew themselves at work. It certainly has helped me to reduce stress and be more at ease in the workplace. Participants have formed an ongoing group so that they can continue to practice what they’ve learned. I think everyone has received something of value from this course and that it has made a significant contribution towards fostering a culture of wellbeing and effectiveness in our organisation. I’d recommend this training to others. Thank you.

Andrew Morrison, Animator – Community Action City Housing Offices, Wellington 


We have used the services of Mindfulness Training Limited to help us to develop our Wellness Programme and Policy at Air New Zealand Cargo. During the period of programme development and in conducting training of our workforce, I have found Stephen Archer to be knowledgeable and professional in his approach to the subject of wellness and workplace stress. Stephen has presented to two target audiences, namely half day sessions for managers and 90 minute sessions for shop floor employees, both of which have been well received.

Rick Knight, Air NZ Cargo Occupational Safety & Health Advisor


People from DOC attended a six week mindfulness course.. There was an underlying theme of how to manage the demands of work in a busy office, how at any one time, our attention is drawn across competing tasks, and how to remain present in meetings, offering others our undivided attention.

Stephen began each session with a short talk about mindfulness and being present. Through structured exercises we were guided through stages of deepening relaxation so that we were in a receptive state. We were encouraged to feel where our body was at. This allowed the busyness of daily life to drop away. Stephen offered us variety during the sessions. We practised conversations whilst being fully present and aware. At the end of each session, we completed a self-evaluation rating about our current state both at work and in our personal life. People reported noticeable gains in focus while at their work station. Especially an increased awareness of where their attention was drawn and their conscious effort to bring their focus back to the present moment and task.

Lisa Whittle, Learning and Development Manager, Department of Conservation - Te Papa Atawhai


Stephen is a terrific teacher – insightful, patient and inspiring. I truly believe that the practice of mindfulness is completely relevant in a work setting – busy people in the workplace, especially those charged with leading teams or solving thorny problems (and that would be all of us!) need to find a way to bring the signal to noise ratio into balance. Mindfulness helps mightily with this, and will encourage you to bring a sense of ease into your interactions with people and in the way you seek solutions or insight.

Amy White, State Services Commission

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